Convex Handheld Ultrasound Scanner


Convex type 3.5MHZ

Portable & Color

 Deep use

(abdomen, etc.)



1. Diagnostic Ultrasound System MUS-P0303-C35 Product Features

◾ No AC power supply required, so it can be used in any situation.

The MUS series was developed for the convenience of using diagnostic ultrasound systems anytime, anywhere. The MUS series was developed by improving the size, weight, and power supply issues so that diagnostic ultrasound systems can be easily carried around. Images can be viewed simply by connecting the probe to a Windows computer.

◾ Windows Support

Simply connect to a Windows computer device to view images. Large, easy-to-view ultrasound images and high-quality color images enable quick diagnosis.

◾ Probe type

◾ Operating environment

Please use in combination with the specified computer model. Please contact us for the model.

① Not all commercially available computers can be used.

② Specifications are subject to change without notice.

③ Display functions may be limited due to hardware and software configurations specific to the model,
     coexisting applications, usage conditions, and other factors. Operation is not guaranteed for all products and

◾ Simple operation

Echo can be used easily with simple operation.

※ The appearance of the application is subject to change without notice.

◾ Six enhanced display modes

In addition to the B mode, a Doppler function is also available for a wide range of applications.

◾ Full range of measurement functions

In addition to basic measurements such as distance, area, circumference, and fetal measurements, bladder urine volume and pulse Doppler measurements are also available. In addition, image quality can be adjusted by parameters such as Gain, Contrast, and Depth.

◾ Full range of measurement functions

Still images and videos can be saved on a PC and the saved data can be sent to external parties. Images can be viewed at a distance via e-mail or cloud computing.

◾ Form

◾ Specification