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Life Saving Towel K2

1.Why is this product needed in case of fire?

◾ Only five minutes separates life and death

Only 5 minutes of prime time to save your life from a fire!
Are you equipped for emergency situations?

If you do not have quick-response evacuation equipment around you, your life can be in danger in as little as 5 minutes.

Covering your mouth with clothes or a towel is not enough.

It will not protect you from fire.

Did you know that 80% of fire deaths are due to asphyxiation?

Although 80% of deaths from fires are caused by asphyxiation due to toxic gases such as carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide, no such emergency supplies have been available until now. A life-saving towel with an enzyme generation function that can prevent breathing difficulties and panic attacks caused by toxic gases would be a new disaster prevention product.

Life Saving Towel K2 has proven its efficacy and safety through various experiments.

2.Product Overview

◾ What is Life Saving Towel K2 ?

The K2 Lifesaving Towel is a very important emergency supply that saves lives by ensuring breathing during the five-minute golden hour, when people can evacuate without suffocating due to smoke or toxic gases in the event of a fire.

◾ Effectiveness of Life Saving Towel K2

Life Saving Towel K2 can block up to 99.5% of smoke and toxic gases.

A special natural solution filters out toxic gases and maximizes the effects of mental and physical rest.

Life Saving Towel, which will be upgraded in 2021, utilizes the NASA-developed ECO CUBE (oxygen generator), which further enhances safety.

◾ World's first Life Saving Towel K2 with oxygen generator

The K2 lifesaving towel is an innovative product that generates oxygen in response to carbon dioxide and moisture contained in exhaled air when the seal attached to the oxygen supply is removed.

◾ Oxygen generation technology for Life Saving Towel K2.

✔ The oxygen generation technology was developed by applying the breathing apparatus used by astronauts at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Laboratory.This innovative technology generates oxygen and removes carbon dioxide from the cap in which the EcoCube is built.
✔ The raw materials for the oxygen supply section are excess potassium oxide and calcium hydroxide. Potassium superoxide functions to remove carbon dioxide and generate oxygen. The oxygen produced is pure oxygen.

Life Saving Towel K2 is an innovative product with five features that can save lives at the scene of a fire at a low cost.

3.Product Structure

◾ Five-layered filtered composite material that blocks toxic gases

● The filtering fabric is made of 5-ply composite material that blocks toxic gases.
● Made of environmentally friendly rayon fabric.
● Material with activated carbon for deodorization (blocking of toxic gases and calming effect on breathing)
● MB filter for KF94 certified masks.
● Made from 12 natural aromatic materials that are non-toxic to the human body.
● Burns are prevented by the action of refrigerants made from special raw materials.

 Lay-on Fabric

Rayon 40g/sqm


 KF94 filter structure

MB (Meltblown) filter for KF94


、④ Material with activated carbon

Black pp activated carbon fabric 28g/sqm




Life Saving Towel K2 has been tested for safety with 5 different filters.

4.Product Usage

◾ How to use Life Saving Towel K2

5.Manufacturing Plants and Quality Control

◾ We manufacture in an optimized system and production environment.

Life Saving Towel K2 is manufactured in an optimized system production environment.

◾ Quality is our top priority by implementing the highest technology and optimized systems.

Life Saving Towel K2 is manufactured based on a high standard of technology refined through several years of research and experimentation.

6.Product Introduction Video