Medical Reusable Gown

◾ Background and characteristics of infection prevention reuse gown development

  Medical gowns are a must for healthcare professionals in Corona, but many are made of plastic (or synthetic fibers based on plastic). And many are thrown away, given the potential for viruses, and large amounts of waste gowns have become a serious waste problem worldwide. This is also a move that goes against the global issue of "breaking away from plastics."

 In addition to this situation, Yagi Co., Ltd., a textile trading company, has repeatedly researched sustainable product manufacturing and developed this gown in order to contribute to the stable supply of medical gowns that are lacking in the third wave of the COVID-19.

  The material used is two types of fabrics jointly developed by yagi Co., Ltd. and Yamagin Co., Ltd. and produced by Toray and Toray Group. Even after repeating washing 100 times, it has cleared the AAMI (American Medical Device Promotion Association) standard level 2.

    In addition, we have devised cutting parts to make sewing as easy as possible, and we are planning to sew at many sewing factories, which will lead to relief of sewing factories with surplus space in Japan and overseas. 

  By using this product in medical institutions, it helps to solve the current waste problem of disposable gowns, and it can be used repeatedly, which also contributes to cost reduction in medical institutions. In the future, we are considering changing the polyester material used as a raw material to recycled polyester, developing medical gowns that are conscious of environmental impact, and expanding them to the world.

◾ Infection prevention reuse gown protection performance level

 This product was jointly developed by YAGI USA, LLC and Yamagin Co., Ltd. The materials produced by Toray and the Toray Group have cleared the 100-time washing standard.

  As a result, we are developing an EITORE for Medical Reusable Gown that can maintain AAMI level 2 even after 100 washes. Contributes to sustainability in the medical field.

◾ Infection prevention reuse gown material

・We have obtained the fabric quality inspection report certification from the Japan Textile Quality Technology Center (QTEC).

・It uses a material that has superior chargeability and breathability and  

   does not easily generate static electricity.

・From the above, it is a gown that demonstrates the comfort of the


◾ Cost comparison with traditional gowns


・From washing to drying ¥ 55/1 sheet for single wash.

・Reference market price for disposable gowns  ¥1,100

・Washable gown ¥3,980