Message from the representative

We, Légèrement, have established a system where specialists who have accumulated experience and know-how at trading companies and consulting firms can provide one-stop support services for various issues.


The speed of change is accelerating in the domestic and overseas business environments. We, Légèrement, are also constantly changing. Then, we would like to find an optimal solution that can be overcome “lightly” in response to the “new issue” that the customer consults.


Representative: Naotake  Nambara  

Representative career

Juntendo University Faculty of Sport and Health Science, Department of Sport Management graduate

ABeam Consulting Ltd, A group company of Mitsubishi Corporation, now MC Healthcare Corporation and

After working as a freelance consultant, he founded Legeremen, LLC in November 2018.

COO, Marui Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Director, Suisei-kai Association of Medical Corporation

I have extensive consulting experience such as relocation / integration of medical institutions such as independent administrative agencies and local governments, introduction of medical equipment, project management in the construction / installation of hospital information systems. It also has strong pipes in Asian and European countries.


Hospital Work Experience

Worked as the head of the ME Center at Yao City Hospital in Osaka Prefecture.

Negotiated for the purchase of medical equipment, supplies, and information systems in the hospital.

Managed and negotiated for maintenance, inspection, maintenance and repair of highly controlled medical equipment.


Results of Consulting for Hospital Reconstruction Support and Medical Equipment Selection Support

・Local Government Nanto Central Public Hospital

・Local Government Ina Central Hospital

・Private Toyota Memorial Hospital

・Toyota Kosei Hospital

・Private sector Toyota Memorial Hospital

・Private University Teikyo University Hospital

・University of Tsukuba Hospital

・JR Sapporo Railway Hospital

・Chiba Rosai Hospital

・Okayama Rosai Hospital

・Iwakuni Medical Center

・Kawanishi City Hospital (Hyogo Prefecture)

・Kawanishi City Hospital (Hyogo) ・Sensoji Hospital

・Kawanishi City Hospital (Hyogo) ・Sensoji Hospital (Hyogo) ・Aichi Prefecture Welfare and Agricultural Cooperative

・Union Anjo Kosei Hospital

・Social Medical Corporation Saitama Medical Center

・Yao City Hospital, Yao City, Osaka Prefecture

・Kansai Medical University Hirakata Hospital

・Hyogo Prefectural Kakogawa Hospital

・Kawasaki Hospital (Hyogo Prefecture)

・Amagasaki/Tsukaguchi Integration Project

・Kanagawa Cancer Center

・Kanagawa Cancer Center ・KKR Yokohama Sakae Hospital

・University of Tsukuba Hospital, etc.


Hospital Information System Implementation Support Consulting Results

Chiba Rosai Hospital

・Moji Medical Center, a branch hospital of Kyushu Rosai Hospital

・Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Toyama Rosai Hospital

・Japan Industrial Accident Compensation Organization Asahi Rosai Hospital

・Yokohama Rosai Hospital

・Yokohama Rosai Hospital

・Rosai Organization Chubu Rosai Hospital

・Yamaguchi Rosai Hospital

・Yamaguchi Rosai Hospital

・Rosai Organization Kashima Rosai Hospital

・Kashima Rosai Hospital

・Kansai Rosai Hospital, etc.


Other healthcare-related consulting services

・Kofu City Support for the formulation of health and welfare plans (support plans for the elderly, welfare plans for the disabled, action plans to support the development of the next generation, and health plans)

・Yamagata Prefecture Study on introduction of ICT for regional medical and nursing care coordination in Yamagata Prefecture

・Tokyo Individual management consultation meetings for visiting nursing stations

・Tokyo Metropolitan Government Tokyo Medical Treatment Bed Conversion Promotion Support Project Conversion Implementation Support

・Ministry of Defense Mental Health Survey

・Fire and Disaster Management Agency Operation and research for the study group on the advancement of rescue technology, etc.


Qualification / License

・Sales and lease manager of highly controlled medical devices

・Responsible engineer for medical device repair business

・Second hand dealer