Vision restoration device "Eye wave"

1.eye wave Development Background

・The arrival of an era of drastic increase in myopia

 Computers, smartphones, tablet devices... While we enjoy a convenient lifestyle, we are living in an "age of hyperopia," which places the heaviest burden on our eyes in the history of mankind.

Furthermore, our eyes are being overworked more and more as we work remotely due to the Corona disaster and spend more time playing games and using tablets on our home time.

 Against this backdrop, an ophthalmologist who surveyed the vision and eye conditions of elementary school children in the era of the raging coronavirus noted that many children have extended eye length, which causes myopia, and that "we are living in an era of unprecedented danger for the eyes.

   In addition, the extreme smartphone-first lifestyle has led to a dramatic increase in myopia among young people, causing problems such as the lack of candidates for occupations that require naked eye vision, such as pilots.

・Eye Mechanism

 The muscles responsible for various "movements" of the body have several different "forms" depending on their function.

 Among the muscles involved in eye function are

  (1) The muscle that brings the eye into focus (ciliary muscle)

  (2) The muscle that closes the eye (orbicularis oculi muscle)

 Both of these muscles are shaped like a donut ring, and when they contract, the donut ring becomes smaller, allowing the eye to focus on nearby objects. 

 When these muscles are overworked, such as by straining the eyes or staring at screens such as smartphones, they remain stiff and contracted and cannot return to a loose state, causing symptoms such as "difficulty in opening the eyes" or "inability to focus on distant objects" without the person being aware of it.

 In other words, these muscles become "fatigued and stiffened," causing "a state in which the eyes do not open clearly (shakiness and decreased vision)" and "a state in which the eyes cannot see far (progression of nearsightedness)," without knowing it.

  By stimulating the sternocleidomastoid and trapezius muscles with its unique low-frequency band (compound wave), EYE WAVE effectively relieves fatigue in these muscles, bringing their function closer to normal and restoring vision.

The problem is that the home due to the corona vortex in particular overworks the eyes, especially those of children.

2.eye wave Product Overview

Name                :eye wave 

Current voltage           :DC15V

Current Consumption :12W

Size                     :W370×D260×H80mm

Weight                 :3kg

Oscillation frequency  : Compound wave around 200 Hz

Warranty Period    : 1 year (excluding consumables)

○ Patented

 It is the latest vision restoration device developed by focusing on the excellent medical and cosmetic effects of the eye, which are still untapped.

 Using a unique complex wave (low frequency band), it is possible to effectively approach eye problems.

 Eye Wave applies a combination of low-frequency and interference wave currents to the ciliary body and surrounding muscles.

  ・Low-frequency therapy devices...act on the thick pain nerves to suppress pain signals before they go

         to the brain.  

      ・ Interference Wave Therapy Machine...stretches and contracts muscles, and its pumping action

          stimulates blood flow and removes pain (fatigue) substances.

3-1.Effects of EYE WAVE (medical)

3-1.Effects of EYE WAVE (medical)

① Improvement of eye fatigue (eyestrain)

② Upward vision (nearsightedness, farsightedness,


※ While we cannot guarantee effectiveness, approximately

   90% of those who have experienced the treatment have

   shown improved vision.

 Among the functions of the human eye, only the "adjustment function" can respond semi-actively. And it is said that poor adjustment function is one of the major factors causing general "eye strain" and "vision loss.    
 Therefore, in recent years, it has been attracting attention that maintaining good condition of the "ciliary muscle," which is necessary for the correct functioning of the regulatory function, and relieving eye fatigue are effective for maintaining eye-based health. Eye Wave uses compound waves to effectively approach the "ciliary muscle" and the area around the eyes.

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3-2.Effects of EYE WAVE (beauty, anti-aging)

① Eye (face) lifting

② Improvement of swelling and sagging

③ Promotes blood flow, improves dark circles and dullness

 Eye treatment with "eye wave" is expected to have various effects on the eyes, cheeks, and even the entire face. This treatment is a must-try for those who are concerned about eye fatigue and for those who want to achieve a youthful and refreshed small face. This treatment is recommended not only for women who aim for beauty and health, but also for men who overuse their eyes at work.

4. Flow of eye treatment procedure

 Please fill out the counseling sheet for the first session. If you wear contact lenses, please remove them before the treatment. If you wish, we will perform a vision test (simple measurement) before the treatment.

 Attach disposable electrode pads to four areas around the eyes. To ensure that the electrode pads adhere firmly to the skin and facilitate the flow of electric current, remove makeup and sebum from the area to which they will be applied in advance using alcohol.

 Low frequency (compound wave) is applied through the electrode pad. Allow the skin to acclimate at an intensity that feels stimulating for about 3 minutes, then increase the intensity to your preference. If your eyelids vibrate, it is a sign that the treatment is effective, but we recommend that you start with a level that feels comfortable. If the stimulation is too strong, please do not hesitate to tell us. If you wish, we will place a towel around your eyes so you can rest comfortably.

When you hear a beeping sound, you are finished. Remove the electrode pad.

 Please check the effect on your face in the mirror. If you wish to have a post-treatment vision test (simple measurement), rest your eyes for about 15 minutes before taking the measurement.

5. eye wave Introduction image

① Introduced as a national policy in the ministry budget

② Introduced as a private business (vision restoration centers, beauty clinics)

About our technology

eye wave is a technology developed based on science to improve eye disorders.

RTEW is good for

·  Dry Eye Disease

·  Eye Strain

·  Presbyopia

·  Myopia

Refresh Technology EW belongs to TES (Transcutaneous Electrical Stimulation).

Frequency is low-frequency, but the current parameters are customized for eyes. Non customized low-frequency can cause side effects (e.g. : headache, nausea), eye is near the brain that’ why.

Refresh Technology EW has been patented for researching various current parameters, determining parameters that treat eye disorders, realizing the intended parameters, and generating currents that can give refreshment to the eye.

Effectiveness to Dry Eye Disease

Dry eye disease (DED) affects hundreds of millions of people throughout the world and is one of the most frequent causes of patient visits to eye care practitioners. (DED = Dry Eye Disease)



Currently, the treatment of DED is summarized as follows, and it is mainly the treatment to provide alternative tears and increase the tears. Therefore, we can see how important it is to increase tears in improving DED.

1.Effectiveness to DED of Aqueous Tear Deficiency Type (to increasing Tear Fluid)

In DED, various factors affect the eye surface, causing easy destruction of the tear layer on the cornea, causing eye discomfort and visual dysfunction.

However, the destruction of the tear layer stimulates the sensory nerves on the corneal surface, causing reflective tear secretion. As a result of the increase in the thickness of the tear layer on the corneal surface due to the secretion and increased tears, it is less likely to destroy the tear layer.

This reflex lacrimal secretion is composed of long neural loops and lacrimal glands consisting of trigeminal-parasympathetic nerves and is called the “Reflex Loop-Lacrimal Gland System”.

“Reflex Loop-Lacrimal Gland System” works to cancel the destruction of the tear layer by providing tear fluid.

The mechanism of Refresh Technology EW is that the electrical stimulation generated by the current parameters in Refresh Technology EW increases the input to the afferent nerve path (trigeminal nerve), which is an indirect modification to the central nervous system, increasing stimulation to the efferent nerve pathway (especially parasympathetic nerves) and increasing tears.

efresh Technology EW focuses on this Reflex Loop-lacrimal gland system, stimulating the trigeminal nerve and directly stimulating the lacrimal glands.

Although the types of efferent nerves involved in this reflex response have not been identified, we believe that parasympathetic nerves play an important role as well as the opinions of many scholars.

2.Retrospective effects of increased tear fluid on other factors

1.    One of the causes of mucin abnormality type is frictional disorder, and the increase in tears leads to friction reduction, first of all, the effect on the mucin reduction type is mentioned.

2.    Since there is tear deficiency as one of the causes of the tear dynamics abnormality type, the effect on the tear dynamics abnormality type by the tear increase is mentioned as the second.

Effect of improving blood flow

Refresh Technology EW can give the eye refreshment, which is equal to relaxing, giving the parasympathetic nerve dominance and promoting blood flow above common low frequencies. This leads to the activation of cells throughout the eye, which is a secondary effect on DED.

Effectiveness to Eye Strain

As the target of Refresh Technology EW is not asthenopia but eye strain remission treatment, and asthenopia prevention, the effect on the symptoms of eye strain is explained.


1.Dry Eye

Refer to DED.


2.Dim Eyesight

The main cause of this is strain of the accommodation muscles (internal and external eye muscles), the electricity generated by the current parameters used in Refresh Technology EW has the effect of exercising muscles, improving blood flow, and activating cells, so it releases rigid muscles due to strain and has an effective effect of improving muscle strain.

Refresh Technology EW can give the eye refreshment, which is equal to relaxing, giving the parasympathetic nerve dominance and promoting blood flow above common low frequencies. This leads to the activation of cells throughout the eye, which is a secondary effect on Eye Strain.



The main cause of this is strain of the accommodation muscles (internal and external eye muscles), the electricity generated by the current parameters used in Refresh Technology EW is effective for pain because it depolarizes Aβ fibers that act as inhibitory nerves.

Effectiveness to Presbyopia

Presbyopia is the in-ability to comfortably focus on close objects due to aging. This is the most common physiologic alteration of eye-sight, affecting more than 1.2 billion individuals worldwide, and leads to a major impact on productivity among healthy adults.

Because presbyopia is aging of eyes, radical cure is impossible, and a complete pathophysiology is before dawn.

If the cause of the presbyopia is roughly divided scientifically, it is possible to divide it into the following three at present.

1.    Decrease in accommodation ability due to weakening of ciliary muscle strength by aging of ciliary muscles.

2.    Decrease in accommodation ability caused by lens hardening due to aging

3.    Decrease in the number of optic nerve cells due to aging

Unlike ametropic defects or refractive errors (myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism), caused by genetic and environmental conditions that affect the shape of the eye, presbyopia does affect virtually every individual older than 50 or 60 years due to the progressive loss of the accommodation ability of the eye.

When increasing the refractive power of the lens (looking near), the ciliary body is tense and the chin small band relaxes. Then, the lens thickens by its own elasticity. As you get older, the lens becomes stiffer, and ciliary muscles with reduced muscle strength cannot be tense enough to thicken the lens. This is presbyopia.

 ◾  Effectiveness

Our approach is that the revitalization of the accommodation system by stimulating the ciliary muscle to increase its potency so that it can over-come the higher resistance of the system (ciliary muscle and lens) that has become stiffer due to aging.

Pulsed electric stimulation is known to work for atrophic muscles, and therefore might also be effective on the ciliary muscle, we think. We describe a non-invasive and innovative method ( = Refresh Technology EW) to improve near vision, likely through restoring the accommodation mechanism through pulsed electric stimulation of the anterior segment of the eye to stimulate ciliary muscle contraction to restore accommodation.


The amplitude of refresh technology EW’s current parameters is slightly strengthened, and the treatment time is set to 40-60 minutes (usually 30 minutes), and the ciliary muscles are loaded and exercised.




1.    Intensity is slightly strengthened than DED or Eye Strain treatment (within a comfortable and painless range)

2.    treatment time is set to 40-60 minutes (usually 30 minutes)

3.    6-10 times a month during 3 months


Example of preoperative (left) and postoperative (right) ultrasound biomicroscopy scan taken under accommodation showing an increased lens thickness (L) (+0.10 mm), a decreased anterior (Ra) and posterior (Rp) ray of curvature of the lens (-0.16 and -0.08 mm) resulting in improved accommodative response after the micro-electrostimulation of the ciliary muscle treatment.

Effectiveness to Myopia

Myopia is very difficult to treat because it is an adaptation to the environment. In addition, the mechanism of myopia generation and progression is extremely complex and cannot be explained by a single mechanism.

Many factors are intricately intertwined, and the diversity of individual eyeballs is thought that it makes it difficult to elucidate it.

1.Inhibition of the progression of myopia

In the progression of myopia, the long-term strain of myopia is large (collapse of accommodation ability), and the long axis of the ocular axis is generated, and myopia progresses. Therefore, it is good if the load is taken, but in real life, we can not take such an approach for reasons such as studying. Inhibition of the progression of myopia without being invasive to the body and without using drugs with side effects, the following are effective.

1.    To releases overstrain of the ciliary body

2.    To improve blood flow of eyes

3.    Perceptual Learning

4.    When correction, done under a doctor

5.    Moderate exposure to ultraviolet rays (purple visible light) (effective only for children)

2.Effectiveness to Myopia

mechanism of 1

When looking near, the ciliary muscles contract and thicken the lens, and if this lasts for a long time, the ciliary muscles become stiff and cannot be thinned when looking far.

This is overstrain (accommodation tension), and at this stage, it can be cured by resting the eyes, eye drops, and stretching. There is an electric stimulation (current treatment) as a safe and immediate method of obtaining results.

First, naked eye vision highly increases as overstrain release (accommodation tension release).

However, the load of near vision lowers the visual acuity.

Therefore, in the case of application to adults, it is effective to treat as appropriate.

(This is also effective for visual acuity decrease after LASIK.)

In addition, in the case of children whose ocular axis has already begun to grow, their visual acuity gradually decreases. It can be said that the most inhibitory effect is to apply it to children regularly before the long axis of the eye begins.

In both cases, it is possible to inhibit the speed by electrical stimulation to some extent, but not completely.

In general, electrical stimulation strains the ciliary body, but if the amplitude (one of the current parameters) in Refresh Technology EW is weakened and the treatment time is set in a short time (5 to 10 minutes), the effect is effective because it acts on the release of overstrain.

We performed a treatment that applied refresh technology EW to about 200 myopic people, we think that the effect of releasing overstrain is high, because high naked eye vision improvement at the first treatment and deceleration in subsequent treatments have been observed.

mechanism of 2

Please refer to the “DED” and “Eye Strain” section for the effect of improving blood flow of eyes in Refresh Technology EW.

3, 4 and 5 are not correlated with Refresh Technology EW, it will be omitted.