◼ Feature(Triple coating effect not found in other companies)

 Photocatalyst with titanium dioxide and special ion-exchange water AAB668 are blended. In addition, a special coating resin has been added to the photocatalyst.

 AAB668 is also blended with a special coating resin, and is effective not only on sunny days, but also in the rain and at night! Over 668 types of molds, bacteria, and viruses

 It is effective against more than 668 types of molds, bacteria, and viruses, and provides a long-lasting coating for more than 6 months.

◼ Solves the problems of conventional photocatalysts

 Conventional photocatalysts are coating agents whose main component is titanium dioxide. When this is applied to the wall surface or the surface of various products and exposed to sunlight or fluorescent light, a redox reaction occurs, which is effective in purifying the air and preventing stains on the coated surface.

 Since it coats everything that humans touch with anti-virus and anti-bacterial coating, it is possible to suppress the spread of the virus. It is also clear that the photocatalyst is effective in inactivating the new coronavirus while the new coronavirus is prevalent. became.

 However, in general photocatalysts, only titanium oxide is widely used, and it is effective in strong illuminance such as sunlight, and there is a problem that the effect is low with the light of fluorescent lamps in the room.

 Kingguard adds the antibacterial water AAB668, which is harmless to humans and animals, safe and has a high antibacterial effect, to titanium oxide, which is the basis of the photocatalyst, and adds a special resin to fix and maintain this double effect. It is now possible to supplement and maintain the antibacterial state for 24 hours. Moreover, the lasting effect is 6 to 10 months!

◼Why King-Guard?

1. It contains AAB668 antibacterial water that is effective even without light. AAB668 antimicrobial water has been tested and proven to have antimicrobial activity against 668 species of bacteria, molds, algae, and dozens of viruses. (※1)

2. By blending titanium dioxide and AAB668 antimicrobial water, a liquid that has a double effect, with our  
    original coating resin, the coating on exterior and interior walls is quickly absorbed in a thin layer and dries
    quickly. When applied to exterior and interior walls, the coating is quickly absorbed in a thin layer, dries
    quickly, and lasts 6 to 10 months with no loss of texture. (※2)

3. AAB668 Antibacterial water instantly breaks down even nano-level odors generated by bacteria.

4. Wiping it off immediately after application will lift dirt while preventing color fading and cleaning it. The
    antibacterial coating effect takes root. Leather products will feel smooth to the touch after use (not for leather
    products that have been sprayed with color).

※1 Tested by the Japan Food Analysis Center and proven effective against 692 species, including viruses, as of 2020.

※2 Certified by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) and registered in 2004 with

NETIS, a new technology information provision system under the jurisdiction of MLIT, we have abundant

experience in coating the exterior walls of expressways, old buildings, and important cultural properties.

◼ Comparison with conventional photocatalysts

◼ Example of bacteria

・Cadmium and itai-itai disease

・Bacteria - MRSA (methicillin-resistant MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) → food poisoning,
 nosocomial infection

・0-157:H7 → Food poisoning

・Enterohemorrhagic E. coli O-157 → Food poisoning

・E. coli ( Escherichia coli) → Diarrhea

・Salmonella → food poisoning

・Thiagus → ventilator-associated pneumonia

・Shigella dysenteriae → acute enteritis, contagious infection

・Whooping cough → Respiratory infections

・Bacteria・Vibrio parahaemolyticus → acute enteritis/diarrhea

・Bacteria - A County Hemolytic Streptococcus →. Upper respiratory tract infection, pyogenic skin infection

・Fungus - Alternaria Alternata → Asthma/Asthma Alzheimer's disease-causing fungi

・Influenza virus type A → epidemic infection

◼ Component

Titanium dioxide, AAB668 (Jordomethyl trisulfone, Biguanide B, ion-exchanged water), alkyl alkoxysilane, modified elastic acrylic.

◾ Usage

◾ Construction Procedure

King Guard is easy to use by simply spraying it on the object. You can also apply it by yourself.

Easy installation by simply applying paint.