Our business

Healthcare business

・ Proposal of health tourism that combines tourism with advanced medicine such as anti-aging test, treatment, cancer prevention, cosmetic medicine, PET-CT / MRI examination, medical examination, medical checkup, heart, and brain dock.



・ Support consulting services such as infrastructure (devices, information systems) and management improvement in the medical and nursing field.


・ Sales of medical and nursing equipment in Japan and overseas.

・ M & A of medical and nursing facilities, business succession, real estate sales and management.


・ Sale of anti-virus dolomite material mask


We provide services and products that are solutions in Japan and around the world on the theme of medical care, nursing care, and health.

Import business

・ We carefully select the world's highest quality products and import and sell them according to the needs of users.


Handling example: Mongolian steaming coal, coking coal, fluorite

Cuban cigars


In the future, we will enthusiastically work to create a system that will provide us with the ability to deliver the things that every customer needs from all parts of the world.