Our business

We are engaged in the healthcare business and import business, focusing on services and products related to medical care, nursing care and health.

Healthcare business

We provide services and products that become solutions in Japan and around the world on the theme of medical care, nursing care and health.


  • Support consulting services such as infrastructure (devices, information systems) and management improvement in the medical and nursing field.
  • Proposal of health tourism that combines tourism with advanced medicine such as anti-aging test, treatment, cancer prevention, cosmetic medicine, PET-CT / MRI examination, medical examination, medical checkup, heart, and brain dock.
  • Sales of medical and nursing equipment in Japan and overseas.
  • M & A of medical and nursing facilities, business succession, real estate sales and management.
  • Sales of infection control products.


Import business

We carefully select and import/export high quality products from around the world and Japan to meet the needs of our customers.


Examples of products handled:

(Import) Chicken from Brazil, canned seafood from Spain, Mongolian charcoal, coking coal, fluorspar, nitrile glove, etc.

(Export) Antibacterial and antiseptic agents, surgical tape, used medical equipment, etc.


We will continue to work diligently to build a system that will enable us to deliver what our customers need from all parts of the world.