Water-activated LED "Aqumo Candle"

Lights only with water

No batteries or matches required!

1. Reasons to recommend Aqmo Candle

① Candles are in danger of fire and are extinguished by the wind.
② You can secure visibility with the light at your feet when you return home at night in the event of a disaster.
③ Even in places such as evacuation shelters, the small light does not bother others.

If you store it in a key point of the factory, you can evacuate even in the dark and it will help the restoration work.

If you need to leave it in an office or public facility at all times, you can illuminate it by immersing it in water for about a week, so you can rest assured that it will be lit on the way to your home, even after returning home, until the infrastructure is ready. It will help. It can also be distributed to people in need.

2.Features of Aqmo Candle

✔ A small light with an LED circle attached to an air battery that uses magnesium.

✔ Lights for 168 hours or more with a small amount of water (1-2 ml).

✔ Weight 21g

✔ Can be stored for a long period of 10 years or more.

✔ Obtained domestic and foreign patents and utility models.

✔ Can be disposed of as non-burnable garbage after use.

✔ It can be carried on board and used on airmail.

3.Principle and usage of aqmo candle

It's very easy to use!

1.Soak the bottom of the Aqumo Candle (about 5mm from the bottom) lightly (1 to 2 seconds) in water. Just do it and it will light up. Moisture is osmotic and quickly spreads throughout.  ※ Please note that excessive immersion in water will lead to excessive oxidation and prevent long-term lighting.
2.Over time, the LED lights will gradually turn off. When it gets dark, lightly immerse the bottom in water again.  Moisture promotes oxidation again and increases the LED illuminance. If you repeat this, you can turn it on for about 7 days.
3.If the Aqumo Candle is lit for a week or more and the LED does not light even if it is rehydrated, it has reached the end of its life, but if tap water is poured from above, the LED may light.  
※ If all magnesium is not oxidized, it may turn on again.

4.Aqmo candle structure

✔ It has a simple structure consisting of "magnesium / separator / active material / copper current collector plate".

✔ By connecting 3 to 4 layers in series, sufficient power is supplied to light the LED.

✔The shape and power can be adjusted according to your needs.

5.Brightness of Aqmo candles

✔ After injecting about 1 ml of water, it provides sufficient brightness until about 10 hours later.
✔ When it gets dark, add water again to restore the brightness.
✔ Even 10 days after the start of use, it keeps the brightness equal to or higher than that of a lighter.

6.Comparison of Aqmo Candle with other small lighting fixtures

7. Aqmo candle lineup

8.Aqmo candle package

9.Aqmo candle specifications

10. Aqmo Candle Product Safety Information Material

Handling precautions

・Moisture, humidity, strong oxidizer, heat source, fire source

・Do not handle it roughly as it may cause it to burst. (Drop, shock, drag, disassemble, modify, charge, etc.)

・Do not connect the LED directly.


Precautions for storage

 ・Store indoors at room temperature (water leakage, humidity, foreign matter adhesion, direct sunlight are  
    strictly prohibited)

・The constituent materials are not dangerous or harmful, and there is no danger if the handling and storage
    precautions are followed.

11. Aqmo candle patent, utility model, trademark registration, design registration (domestic)

12. Acmo candle patent, utility model, trademark registration, design registration (overseas)