HaRD II Be ハードツービィ

For hand sanitization

For sanitizing masks and clothing

For prevention of ticks


◼ What is AAB 668?

AAB668 surrounds the bacteria and kills them by driving them into an anoxic state.  And retains its antibacterial effect for a long time and prevents the development of other bacteria.

New concept of non-alcoholic sterilization and antibacterial agents.

◼ Product Development Background

Currently, a medical institution in Japan is requesting an antibacterial and  that does not cause rough skin.

I think that there is a need in countries  where there is a need for non-alcoholic sterilization and antibacterial agents because of religious halal thinking.

Please consider if it may become a necessary product.

◼About antibacterial agents

There are many different antimicrobial agents in the world.

However, any method that prevents or kills viruses or fungi with powerful chemicals also affects the human body, and that is a last resort.

Viruses and fungi eventually acquire resistance and chemicals become ineffective. If viruses and fungi are not systematically killed, they will quickly become resistant to mutated bacteria.

① Alcohol
Alcohol certainly has antibacterial properties. However, if the alcohol component evaporates, the usual
antibacterial properties will disappear. 

You can expect about 5 minutes at most, but you can expect only a short time effect, and it will remove oil
from the skin and make the skin dry There are drawbacks. 

We don't understand these things.

② Hypochlorous acid water or sodium hypochlorite water

Hypochlorous acid water and sodium hypochlorite water have weak antibacterial effects and are not  
recommended for the body. It can also be obtained by dissolving salt in water and electrolyzing salt solution.

③ Silver ion or platinum ion

Ion-based antibacterial agents called silver ion and platinum ion are sold,

but silver and platinum do not become ions. Even if it says in terms ofionization, silver and platinum do not  become ions, as the name goes to the end.

This is true for water that is mixed with hydrogen water. Hydrogen is almost insoluble in water.

We don't understand why hydrogen water can be made.

〜Message from the Developer〜

  AAB668 will maintain its antimicrobial effect for more than 1 day when used on masks unless rinsed with water.

  Its effect lasts for more than one day. It also keeps skin moist without damaging it.

As the developer, I have been using AAB668 on my children since I was born.

◼ Diagram of AAB's bactericidal and antibacterial effect

● AAB surrounds bacteria and kills them by obliging to be placed in no-oxygen  condition. 

● AAB holds its anti-bacteria effect for a long time and shuts down another bacteria from germination. 

〈Surprising! 668 kinds of bacteria as below have been used for examining and confirming the real bactericidal and other effects of AAB〉

 Bacteria of O-157, Cholera, Salmonella, typhoid bacillus, pipellio, grape sugar germ,Gram germ, gonorrhoea, spirocheate germ, influenza, tubercle bacillus, botrinis germ, enteritis, botulinus, enteritis ring worm, cornea true fungi, body surface infection, surface fungi, and so forth. ・・・・ (668 kinds in total)

 True fungi such as mushroom, mold, etc (393 kinds), bacterial virus (219 kinds), and alga (56 kinds), and Mite removing rate (91%) 

◼ Features

・Safe and reliable as there is no alcohol or hypochlorous acid

・Effective against 668 bacteria

・Tick repellent rate 91%

AAB is synthesized by 100% active medical agent. It can set low level of minimum inhibitory concentration(MIC) and reduce use of medical agent. For this reason AAB does not cause the physical change and color reduction change.

AAB does not degrade in heat, ultra violet, acid, alkali, organic solvent and does not elute in the air and in water. Its antibacterial effect last long term.

◼ High safety

● Industrial Safety and Health Act

● 916 chemical substances designated in the PRTR

● Ministry of the Environment; 70 chemical substances having hormone activity (including 3 heavy metals)

● Ministry of the Environment; 70 chemical substances having hormone activity (including 3 heavy metals) AAB does not include them at all.

◼ Image of AAB668 in use

◼ Test results

① Niigata Environment Hygiene Central Laboratory Company

● 24-hour bathtub water : Legionella bacterium sterilization/antibacteria water inspection

② Japan Food Research Laboratories

③ Tokyo Metropolitan Res. Lab. of Public Health

◆ mite repellent effecttest

Tokyo Metropolitan Res. Lab. of Public Health #195

mite repellent rate 91%

※ Test report_Antimicrobial Effectiveness Test

※ FDA_Certificate

◼ Antibacterial agent which is difficult to generate drug resistance bacterium

The main component of  AAB  is produced from medical agents which get the grant number for safety from official body of countries.

● MITI (the list of existing chemical substances of Ministry of International Trade and Industry)

● CAS (the list of existing chemical substances of Chemical Abstracts Service )

● EPA (the chemical list of Environmental Protection Agency )

● EINECS (the chemical list of European Inventory of Existing Commercial Chemical Substances)

◼ Main component

◆ Diiodomethyl-P-tolylsulfone

◆ AAB inhibits development of drug-resistant strain for long term because its main component is DiiodomethylPtolylsulfone.

◼ Cotton tissue, resistance to mold test


・incubator and cultural condition 

    circulator with temperature/humidity thermostat

  Temperature 28-30℃

  Humidity over 85%RH

・culture period 14days


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